Junior Development

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Team Entry Fee: $60
This competition requires a current VNA Player Insurance.

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About Competition

  • Junior Development competitions are designed to introduce the NetSetGo
    participants into a structured game. The game is specifically designed for beginners and includes:
    • 4 x 8 minute quarters
    • A court coach – This is an umpire that explains the game and rules to the players as they play.
    • No ladders or scoring (unless both coaches agree to score).
    • A round robin at the end of the season as a fun inclusive end to the season.
    • Certificates are presented to each player at the conclusion of the season.
    • Junior Development games are at 10am on Saturday mornings. This is a similar time to NetSetGo and therefore is a familiar routine for the players.
    • Weekly game fees are $50 per team
    • All players are required to have a NetSetGo VNA linked to South Geelong Netball Association (also known as a 5-10-year-old VNA).
    • Seasons include Autumn (Term 1 and 2) and Spring (Term 3 and 4)