Grade 5/6

Enter a Team

Team Entry Fee: $60
This competition requires a current VNA Player Insurance.

Please use the button below to find the player insurance relevant to this competition.

Enter a Team

  • This is predominately a school-based competition however any team may enter given they are in the appropriate grade.
    • 4 x 9 minute quarters
    • 2 x umpires supervised by an umpire supervisor.
    • Scoring and ladders applicable.
    • Finals structure includes 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd in semi-finals, then the winners will play in the grand final. Only premiers and runners up receive medals.
    • Game time will range from 4pm – 6pm on Monday afternoons.
    • Weekly game fees are $50 per team
    • All players are required to have a junior VNA linked to South Geelong Netball Association.
    • Seasons include Autumn (Term 1 and 2) and Spring (Term 3 and 4)